Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Halloween cards

These are the Halloween cards I started last night. I finished them today. All stamps are Inky Antics clear stamps. When I first started getting into rubber stamping years ago, I took some classes at Cat's Craft Cupboard in Escondido. The first class I took was a Prismacolor pencil class. I'll never forget it. When Cat showed us how to color with the pencils a big, giant light went on in my brain and I knew that's what was going to be my passion. Time went by and I took another class, this time a Halloween card class using these same stamps. It was the first time I used gamsol with the Prismas and I was in love. For a little while. I realized the difference right away between using gamsol and not and I truly preferred not using gamsol. It felt like cheating. I wanted to blend colors, not just spread them around, so I put the gamsol on the shelf for awhile. Fast forward to this past weekend. I've been pretty sick, and so I've been doing a lot of internet surfing and checking out videos on YouTube. I came across a bunch of videos by jennifermcguireink. Check this one out. If I don't get those stamps soon, I'm going to go crazy! Make sure you check out her other videos when you have some time. She makes some fun, innovative cards and she uses gamsol almost exclusively with her Prismas. At first I was like, "oh eh, Gamsol" but then I watched how fast she could make cards and they were really cute and high quality. So, I got out my gamsol and the Inky Antics stamps and went for it. And I liked it! So, Cat, I must say a big huge THANK YOU again for introducing me to Prismas and gamsol. I hold you personally responsible for those obsessions. If you've never met Cat, you really should stop by her store when you're in the area. She has some really cute stamps there as well as in her online store. I made the first two cards for my friends' boys. I hope they like them. The last card is for someone special. I'm not telling who it is yet. Maybe she will post here and tell you who she is once she gets the card.


Kim H. said...

These cards are so so sweet! I love how you colored them with the gamsol! I am going to watch that video now!

Cat said...

Awww . . .you are too sweet! You're welcome for the introduction to the obsession. :D You've got me hooked on a few things, too, ya know!

btw . . your inka stamps are here. Sooooooo cute!

Cathrine StClair said...

Wow! Debbie you got a blog face lift - me likey!

These are soooo cute! You do a great job with thise pencils!!

Kathi said...

Wow. Pick me up off of the floor. You used Gamsol. I'm shocked!

Great results though.

Thanh said...

Gamsol isnt so bad Debbie! These cards are too cute!!