Sunday, October 12, 2008

News from the homefront

Can you say, "San Diego Chargers RULE!" Oh yeah, baby, they beat the NE Patriots today, 30-10. This was a big win in more ways than one. Since the Oakland Raiders really suck nowadays, the Patriots are now our big rivals. They've kicked our butts the past few times we've played, but not today. Four plays for a 98-yard touchtown. The highlight of the game. Oh yeah. It's so good to see our boys play well and win. I've been sick since last Thursday and it is not fun. John came back from vacation with a cold and of course, he shared it with me. Thanks, honey. I've got the coughing, sniffling, headache and fever thing. My already-stuffed ears are even more stuffed and they are ringing louder than ever. I think I may have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get some codeine for my cough. Our trip to Cancun was fantastic. We went with my sister and brother-in-law like we always do. The four of us have a great time. Here's a picture of us in the pool.

Ok let me 'splain something. Yes, those 3 drinks in front of me are mine. No sense in trying to make excuses. I was drinking tequila shots (the two glasses with limes) and washing it down with Sprite. It really wasn't my idea to take two shots at a time. Somehow over the day, the bartender started doing it. And I guess I don't need to tell you that I was kind of silly by the end of the day, do I? Hey, I was on vacation! I only do this one day during vacation and somehow we got a picture of us on our live it up day. Um, and yeah, if I had taken the picture, I would've made sure that umbrella wasn't coming out of the top of Mike's head.

Ok, so what happened to my pink hair? The same thing that happened to my purple hair. It just washed out. It wasn't supposed to. It was permanent haircolor, but I guess my hair didn't like it so much. I liked the pink a lot, but oh well. I think I'm going to go with the gray and then just bleach out the top a bit. We'll see how long that lasts.

Fire season is upon us. If you remember last year, we had three huge fires rush through our area last year. We are hoping it doesn't happen again, but you never know with the Santa Ana winds. Here's the wikipedia definition of the Santa Ana winds:

The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry offshore winds that characteristically sweep through in Southern California and northern Baja California in late fall into winter. They can range from hot to cold, depending on the prevailing temperatures in the source regions, the Great Basin and upper Mojave Desert. However, the winds are remembered most for the hot dry weather (often the hottest of the year) that they bring in the fall.

This weekend we had the cold winds, but the hot winds are on their way. The humidity drops to less than 20% when they blow and it is terrible, especially if there is a fire. Some of the fires are started by lightning, and some are started by people, either accidentally or on purpose.

That's all for now. I made some cards this weekend, but I'll post them later in the week. Thanks for reading this far and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to come by tomorrow and check for the Monday Morning Comic!

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Kathi said...

Wow. You do tequila shots! I lost the ability to do shots sometime in my 30s.

I thought your bil was wearing one of those umbrella hats. I was amused.

Thanks for the Santa Ana explanation. I had no idea why there were fires each year.