Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Your Base

I joked with Johanna yesterday that maybe she should add this sentiment to her line of stamps.

Do you remember this sentiment? Here is the real story as told by Wikipedia.

I thought this card needed some sentiment on the front and my brain went to AYB for some reason. I used the white poster paint sharpie to letter the sentiment. It is the best white writer I've found yet. I got three different sizes at Dick Blick.

I colored the earth topiary with my Prisma pencils. I was just goofing around with them and this card just happened. I now own all the topiaries that the Odd Bird Planet makes.

B L O G C A N D Y A L E R T ! ! ! ! !

Do you collect certain things from particular stamp lines? Let me know what and where and you'll be entered into a drawing for some cool blog candy! Deadline is Thursday, Oct. 23. Tell a friend!


artyfarty said...

Debbie what a fun blog ! I love collecting Penny black stamps but esp the older retireing ones.The newer Pb are just not as cute as they were years ago and feel some have lost the magic but not all otherwise i wouldnt still be nagging hubby for more lol
If I do manage to win blog candy will you please donate to a group that makes cards for charity please .xxx

Directmailscrapper said...

Hi Debbie!

I guess right now I am collecting snowman stamps -- I didn't set out to collect them, but I can't seem to resist!

Always love to see your work. Especially love your cactus card!

Directmailscrapper for the Shack

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

I find myself loving different bird stamps. I have some from Hero Arts and SU.

MMora from the The Stamp Shack

Tiff said...


THIS IS HIGH-LArious!!!! Oh, I so wish I could've been there last night! I asked Ryann what it was like crafting with such a master like yourself... This earth topiary is one of the reasons why I fell in love with OBP!

Okay, for the blog candy! I love to collect the people from catslife press, paper from Stampin Up! and Papertrey Ink, Inks from CTMH, and pretty much any tree image/sentiment from Unity Stamp Co.!!!! And, of course, I love anything from Odd Bird Planet!

Tami Bayer said...

Love your groovy new blog look. Well, I think you know what I collect. For everyone else I'm crazy about PSX botanical stamps. I've been lucky enough to find some at good prices here and there, but they do go pretty high on the bay.

Far North said...

WoW what a new do here!! So very cheery! Love your funnies! AYBABTU-anyone who uses Wikipedia is okay crazy!

My stamp collection largely reflect my love of the out-of-doors. I don't focus on one stamp company because nature is full of unique elements. Of course I enjoy flowers but I also collect trees, leaves, ferns, mushrooms, landscape pieces, birds, weather elements and related elements. My other collection is Alaska stamps.

flipflops4sherri said...

I see your blog has a new look since I was here last. Very spiffy!! I collect several kinds of stamps .. are you ready? I collect cupcake stamps, snowman stamps, moose stamps, flip flop stamps, owl stamps ... what else!? Hmmm, I think that is about it. LOL

Julie said...

Hi, Debbie!

Like many of the Gals, I collect several types of stamps.....

Changito Monkeys
Owls.....and brand will do! ;)

I have yet to buy any OBP, so I guess you could say that I am "behind the times"!


Beth Norman said...

I never heard of that saying before and clicked on Wikipedia to read about it. I must have been sleeping the week it was on the news.

christie said...

I don't collect things from particular stamp companies but I do collect owl stamps from any comapany that makes them!!!!!I just love owls!

Kimmy said...

I actually was browsing through my stamps yesterday and I noticed I have a very large collection of House Mouse and Happy Hoppers - and surprisingly I haven't created much with them. I also have tons of the Studio G $1 sets - I think because I can't pass up the price. How fun to see everyone's addiction.

Anonymous said...

I found myself with a lot of house mouse after buying the first one. I get the STOM and then off to ebay to see what I can find. My kids found out what they can get Mum, and have a list of what I do have, so they're not getting me doubles. Love your blog, thanks for allowing me to play!

Ryann said...

Debbie ~ it was so nice to meet you yesterday! I had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love House Mouse Stamps, but also have quite a collection of bird and flower stamps too!

* Mrs. Fence

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Oh I love the Hoppers and Gruffies and House Mouse and well...just about ANYTHING that I can color.

BTW I tagged you today! Dont you feel just fabulously special???

Pam Speidel said...

Snazzy new blog look Debbie! I always love your card creations but have to admit you had me with this one. I had no idea what that saying meant and had to read up on it. :) What can I say other than I'm OLD and live in Nebraska...does that explain it? LOL
As for what stamps I collect...I can't resist any SMILE stamp saying or happy smiley face image. I probably have more Stampin Up stamp sets than any others, but I love them ALL!!!

Loobylou said...

I love to collect butterfly and dragonfly stamps. I wish i could collect the Emerson funny ladies, but getting them in Australia is hard work!

Is it Monday yet??? I'm hanging out for your comic!
Sarah/ Loobylou@stamp-shack

Kathi said...

I collect cat and penguin stamps. I also collect cat and penguin dies for my die cut collection. Plus, I have a stuffed animal penguin collection that travels with me in my PT Cruiser.

I haven't heard of that sentiment, so I need to go look at Wikipedia!

Bunny B said...

I love the Penny Black hedgehog stamps and all cute bunny stamps!

Annelies said...

As I'm relatively new to stamping I haven't found an addiction yet. I'm still trying to add variation in my (small) stamp collection: different themes, different companies, etc. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies