Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gettin Inky!

Oh yeah, baby, gettin' inky! Check out the inks I got from the Paper Garden Projects Store! These are the new Tsukineko dye-based inks in the dew drop size! And yes, I got ALL the colors - all 24 of them. I know, I'm a pig. Ok, whatever. These ink pads are juicy, but not so juicy to be messy. I mean, you know how sometimes you get a dye ink pad and it stamps kinda dry-looking? Well, these don't. They stamp wet and then dry quickly. I love the size, too. The coverage on even my clear stamps is fantastic. The image stamps clear and bright. I really think you should get some of these. Oh heck, don't get some, get ALL of them! For the price of 7 big ink pads, you could have all 24 of these babies. The Paper Garden ships quickly and packages your items so cute! Oh, and you get a hand-crafted card, too. See the one I got there? So hop on over and check out the Paper Garden. (This has been a non-paid advertisement for the Paper Garden Store. No animals were harmed in the filming of this commercial. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience an er#^%@ lasting more than 4 hours.)


Kathi said...

If I get an er#^%@ at all, I'll be really, really worried and will IMMEDIATELY contact a doctor. Then I'll call the press, so that I can be showed with money, attention, and my 15 minutes of fame.

Good to know about the Memento inks. I'm especially thrilled to know that the inks work well on acrylic stamps.

I'm waiting patiently (tap, tap, tap) for the Paper Garden to receive the full size Black Tuxedo pad and then I'm going shopping.

Kathi said...

Oops. That was supposed to be "showered" with money. But showing me the money is cool too, just as long as I get to keep it.

Cathrine StClair said...

OK - this post and Kathi's comments really did make me LOL. Thanks sooooo much for the kind comments! I really appreciatre it. I love those inks - really, they are my new favs.

Sonda T said...

now i need ALL those inks too! thanks a lot! LOL!