Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coloring with Markers, part 2

Back to the markers experiment. I colored all these images with my Prismacolor markers. This first image is a stamped image by Paula Best. It's one of my favorite images. In coloring this image, I was mostly playing with laying down color without leaving lines. I think I mastered that. I have to remember to keep that wet edge and it blends just fine. I'm not real thrilled with my color choices here. I could've chosen much brighter colors on her wings. I do like how I colored the skin tones and the shadowing on her skin and I like the letters colored in. This next image in one I drew with my Zig pen. I had the opportunity recently to play with various pens and see which ones worked best with the Prismacolor markers. The Zig pen won. Ok, so I drew this image and then colored it with the Prisma markers. I was playing with blending three greens together. It looks so-so to me. Not horrible, but nothing I would give to somone on a card. The rest of the coloring is just coloring. No new or practiced techniques. This third image is another one I drew and then colored. I was playing with the yellows in the letters to make them look sunset-y, but it didn't work. The colors I chose were too close together and they just made a mucky mess. Then I decided, after I colored the background with my Limepeel marker, that I would try to save the yucky letters by coloring another color on top and then highlighting them. Oh, it's just a mess, isn't it? Yeah. I finished coloring the image with basic coloring. No shading. These next two images are by Paula Best. These images are just a part of the whole stamp, which is like 4x5 or something. The first image was colored using some muted colors. I have to remember to write down the colors so I can remember what they are so I can recreate the shading again if I wanted to. I know with this one, that I colored the green and the yellow colors back and forth and over and over and over. Yes, my paper was rather saturated by the time I finished and some of the stamped lines are a little blurry to me. You can see how the red marker on the star on the face bled into the yellow/green. I should've let it dry more before I started putting other colors next to it. Same for the lips and eyebrows. This last one is just done with brighter colors. I am a big fan of bright colors. I rarely color anything light or muted. It just doesn't feel finished to me if it's not completely colored in and is bright. I do like my color choices in the face part of this image, but again, I should've waited until this saturated paper dried out completely before I put colors next to it. It blurred horribly. The other thing I need to do is get the right paper for my pens. I see many marker artists use Georgia Pacific paper. Need to make note of what paper exactly so I can get me some. If you look closely at the pink parts of this image, the surrounding areas, you'll see the stamped image is bluured. I think I used Versafine for this image. Not a good mix with the Prisma markers. It does work great with my pencils, but not markers. I'm learning and I'm happy about that. Oh, and you should know that Cathy St. Clair is a troublemaker. hahaha She sent me a surprise of some Copic markers in the mail. Trying to take me over to the dark side, she is. Away from my beloved (?) Prisma markers. I did get a chance to play with some Copics. See next post. Now I'm going to watch the Olympics.


Jennifer E. said...

Hi Debbie! Don't know why I've never seen your blog before, but I'm glad I found it. I've enjoyed reading your posts about coloring with markers. I too, love my Prismacolor Pencils, but with the recent flair up over Bic Markers I decided to give them a try since the price was right. They're definatly not pencils! I'm still learning how to color with them. I did not know that your paper should be so saturated that it bleeds throught the back. What a great tip for the next time I practice with them. I'm eager to see what paper choices you find work the best, and whether or not it really makes a difference in your coloring. TFS!

Kathi said...

Wow. You're mastering the markers really quickly.

I use VersaFine with my Prismacolor markers. I just stamp it and let it sit for awhile. I know some people heat set too.

But the VersaFine does not work with the Copics at all.

I look forward to the next installment.

Anonymous said...

These all look pretty dang good to me! I love the ones that you drew yourself! So fun! I have all the prismacolor markers- but are you liking the copic better?