Monday, August 11, 2008

OBP August Special Deal and Lime Tart Kits

It's August, and it's time for the August Special Deal from Odd Bird Planet. This month, there are five stamps in the deal. They are:

* You are (sentiment)

* Debbie's Flower * Dotty Corner * Hoot * Madricaine If you buy all five stamps, you get 25% off the retail price. Regular price is $37.00 but you get it for only $27.75. What a deal! These are the two cards I made using the special deal stamps. This first one I used the dotty corner, You are, Hoot and Madricaine. I made the frame by lining up the dotty corner with my stamp positioner. Oh, I can hear some of you groaning! You must make friends with your stamp positioner. It is not difficult to use and it makes it easier to use your stamps, especially when you want to make a frame like this or if you want to mask images. I paper-pieced Madricaine on this card. The tree is chipboard. I painted the trunk and then glued on paper for the rest of the tree. The paper and chipboard are from the July Full Tart from OBP. This second card also uses the paper from the July Lime Tart Kit, the Full Tart. Isn't the paper too much fun?? Again, I used my stamp positioner A LOT on this card. I had to line up 4 of the dotty corners, place the flowers and place Madricaine on the flower stem. Have you ordered your Lime Tart kit yet? I love getting the Lime Tart kit every month. I love the Full Tart, but you can get the A La Tart or the Half Tart, or you can be greedy and get the Greedy Tart, which is the Full and Half-tarts and you save 10%. There is a new tart, too. You can get the Queen of Tarts and get all THREE Lime Tart kits. If you do, you save 15% off the retail price. Sweet! Did you know you can save something like 40% if you subscribe monthly and subscribe for a year? You can get any combination of Tarts. There is a great variety of fantastic paper, ribbons, cut-outs, chipboard, buttons, brads or glitter in the kits. Oh and in some of the kits you get STAMPS! OMG, STAMPS!! There is plenty of paper to make a ton of cards or many scrapbook layouts. You can order Lime Tart kits from Odd Bird Planet or you can get them from Lime Tart. Ordering from Odd Bird Planet, you pay shipping from the USA. If you order from Lime Tart, you pay shipping from Australia. You pick where you get the cheaper shipping or where you shop the most. The kits are exactly the same. Think about it: You get lots of great coordinating paper and embellishments and you don't have to spend all day putting it all together. It's done for you. I don't think you will be disappointed, so give it a try. This month's Full Tart is da bomb!!


Godelieve said...

Love your cards Debbie! How "special" special to have your own flower in this month' deal ;)
I love how you used it as a branch for the owl to sit on, and how you extended the dotty corner to create a fabulous frame!

Dana Rose said...

The HM stamp you mentioned you was an image you sent mom awhile back. :) The bird stamp is from a set I got at AC Moore. It's a big set of owl acrylics. Not sure who makes them.

Kathi said...

Your "Special Deal" cards are really special. I love them all!