Friday, June 06, 2008

Yankees Album

Ok, so I'm a scrapbooker. That is the first step in the program. Admit you have a problem. As promised, here is the book I made for our trip to the Yankees game in NY. This was the first book that Donna and I made. We made a book for ourselves and one for Danielle, my niece. We left PA around 7am and got to the Hiburnia Diner in Hiburnia, NJ around 9-ish. After breakfast we drove into the big city to the ballpark. We walked around and found some souvenir stands and bought some stuff. As we waited for the Yankees store to open, we walked around the stadium and took some pictures. This picture is John and I in front of the stadium near the Yankees store. This was a fun page to do. It's funny when you know you are going to do a scrapbook, you plan your pictures. I planned this one in two parts because I knew I wanted them on two facing pages.
Just a few random pictures. The picture on the right is the new stadium. It's being built right next to the current stadium. You knew that Yankee stadium was being torn down, right? Yes, this is the final year for the House that Ruth Built. Sad, but it does need updating. These taken from our seats in the bleachers. Yes, we were "bleacher creatures" for a day. The seats were hard, backless and very close together. Kind of like those high school stadium seats only closer together and not as steep. We were essentially in each other's laps. Nice. Yeah, so here is John and I looking cool as can be. Well, we weren't cool. It was HOT that day. And here is my cute sister and her husband, Mike. Before the game, we all went to a pizza place next to the stadium for lunch. I ordered a Cuban meat sandwch. It was supposed to be delicious, but it wasn't.
This is Dan and Danielle. They are getting married next September. Oh no, another trip to PA! Just kidding. We love going there. This is a picture I took from our seats in the bleachers. I used the digital zoom on the camera. I don't usually use the digital zoom because it pixellates so badly, but taking a bunch of pictures gave me something to do.
Donna and I sat in the far back seat of the Suburban and at some point, I got bored and opened up my umbrella. We all got free umbrellas at the stadium. Too bad we couldn't use them in the stadium. It would've been helpful in the hot sun. When we got back to Northampton, we stopped for gas at Turkey Hill. As the men were filling up the gas hog, Danielle turned around in the seat to chat with Donna and I. I took her picture because she looks naked in this pic.
I'm glad we went to the game, but bummed because we got bleacher seats. If you sit in the bleachers, you can't go into any other part of the baseball stadium. I didn't know that when I bought the tickets. We really wanted to walk around the stadium and see it before it gets torn down. Oh well. Sigh.


Kim H. said...

OH Debbie-your book is amazing! I love that little bat and all the details! SO cool!

Beth Norman said...

Looks like you all had fun. I'm a Piston follower. My son is a huge fan, so he got me hooked.

Thanh said...

Yes, that officially makes you a scrapper! Both albums look great, big a.

Marnie said...

This is super cool! Love that cover!

Kathi Rerek said...

You did a great job with this album, but I already told you that.

I love the cover and the mini bat. Way too cute.

Cuban sandwiches are not yummy. Ick.