Thursday, June 05, 2008

Does this make me a scrapbooker?

I've never really considered myself a scrapbooker. Honestly, the thought of making an album scares me. It's like it has no end. I mean, once you start, you just keep doing it, right? OMG, I'm starting to hyperventilate already. I need to do things that have an END!! Well, as I posted earlier, I spent a week at my sister's house in PA. We went to a couple of ballgames. After we went to the first game, she had this great idea. She had gotten some of these tag books from Oriental Trading and thought they'd make good books for the baseball games. One night we took the camera card to Wal-Mart and put it in the photo machines and printed out a bunch of pictures, took them home, cropped them, and cranked out three books. Those three books were for the Yankees game we went to on the 25th. I will post that book tomorrow. This book is for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game we attended on May 29th. OMG, if you are ever in the Allentown, PA area during baseball season, you MUST attend an Iron Pigs game. Our seats were fantastic! We sat in the 2nd row behind the visitors dugout at first base. Yes, I know that should be the home team's dugout, but for some reason, they switched it in this park. Oh, who cares? Our seats were compliments of one of Donna's co-workers. Thanks a bunch! It was a warm day. Not too hot. Hot makes me very cranky. We drank beer, ate sausage and pulled pork sandwiches and cheered for the Pigs. I love minor league baseball. I think it is more fun than major league baseball. Ok, so on to the tag book. This tag book is 8"x6". I used some of my acrylic paints to paint around the edges and most of each page. I wasn't in the mood to put a lot of paper on the pages. I told you I'm not a scrapbooker! I found some baseball themed paper that I hadn't used up so I just went for it. The front cover is actually made with a bumper sticker. I do not know what to do with embellishments, so I use whatever I can that I buy in the baseball store. I also cut up the free programs they hand out at the gate. See the page with the pig on it? The paper behind it is just a page out of the free program. It adds a nice flair. Yeah, flair. That's what it is. Ha! It's really just cheap! As you can see by these pages, there is nothing fancy on them. I think I put one brad on a page, a few little pieces of ribbon and then the rest is just stuff we bought, acquired or from the baseball paper pack. Hey, I'm happy with it. One thing I would do more of is have more journaling space. Since this is only my second book, I don't really know what I'm doing, so I have to remember to leave room to write stuff down. To me, one of the funnest parts of doing one of these books is taking the pictures. Since I knew I'd be making a book, I took pictures that would make an interesting book. Like telling a story. Oh, that's another thing. I had to pare down the pictures I wanted to put in this book because this book has an END. It is only so many pages long and I can't add to it, so I was limited to the number of pictures. I actually like that. It's like making a card from a sketch. There are certain parameters that must be followed.

Thank you, Donna, for turning me on to these tag books. I know that I will be ordering books from OT now and having them on hand to make books. Thank you all for putting up with my rambling, as usual.


Jennifer said...

Debbie, I just love this tag book. Oh my gosh! This is beautiful as well as just perfect for the showcasing the games and memorabilia. you are a scrapbooker. You can't deny it. Yep! You are.

Again, this is just super.....I'm going back for another look-see.

Jennifer :)

Heather Grow said...

What a fun little book. A great momento of your trip.

Kathi Rerek said...

This one is great, but I LOVE the Yankees one. It's all because of the ribbon and the bat though.

Since you've now done two albums, you're officially a scrapbooker. Just admit it already and move on.