Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ice water, quick!

I went to Joann's in Escondido today on my lunch hour. As I drove on the freeway from San Marcos, I noticed that the outside temperature was rising steadily on the gauge in my car. I was in the air-conditioned car, so I didn't feel the full heat until I got out. Then I decided that I needed to take a picture to show you how freakin' hot it got out there today. Yes, it says 108F. That's 42C!
So there is the proof. Oh, and the evidence that I even have rubber stamps in my car. Oh my, I need help badly! If you don't recognize that stamp, it's one of the new ones from Impression Obsession. I got it at Cat's yesterday. You really must get some of these new images. My sister and I bought a whole bunch of them, but don't worry. Cat put an order in today for lots more.


Kim H. said...

OMG that is HOT! We are only at 70 degrees here! Drink lots! Love the stamp too! te he he!

The Brady's said...

Holy Moly that's HOT! but ya'll don't have much humidity do you?

Sonda T said...

whoa! way hot here too on that day. say...where is escondido? I will be there in Nov. so i need to know where the hot spots are! THanks!