Sunday, January 14, 2007

You say potato, I say potahto

I started cleaning up the crap, er craft room today. That included cleaning out my tote bags. Yes, bags. I take a bag to work every day. In it, I put my mail, my magazines an usually, my lunch. On Thursday, I took a raw sweet potato to cook in the micro for lunch as well as an apple for a snack. I didn't eat them because I went out to lunch instead. So I brought them back home and when I emptied the tote bag in the craft room, I took out the potato and the apple and put them on the center table. John came in to give me a kiss goodnight and he looks at the potato and the apple and says, "what those doing in here?" Good question, since this is a non-kitchen room, right? I start to explain and he starts laughing. I have to admit, even for me, those are strange items for thisroom. I tell him, "well, you see, I planned on eating these for lunch last week, but all I did was give them a ride in the car."

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