Monday, January 15, 2007

100 things to do before you die

This isn't a new concept. I saw it a few years ago on tv. You make this list of 100 things you want to do before you die. It can be anything. Anything at all. I'm not going to bore you by listing all 100 things on my list because, well, I don't have all 100 yet. I'm up to like 78 or something. I like this list because it keeps you going. When you sit on your butt on the couch on the weekend and wish you had something to do, well, just pull out your list and DO SOMETHING! I realize I can't do many of the things on my list in a weekend, but some things are doable. Here are a few things on my list:
  • Visit the Louvre museum in Paris
  • Eat sushi in Japan
  • Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  • Become a member of the Mile High Club
  • Snorkel in Hawaii
  • Skydive
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon
  • Learn about wine
  • Drive the Autobahn

Ok, so you get the idea. Have you made your list? Start it today! Won't it be great for your kids and your grandkids to find your list and see all the things you've accomplished?


Anonymous said...

Did you forget to list buying your WONDERFUL niece a mercedes kompressor sports coupe? I know it's on your list! -Dana

justjohanna said...

i've done 4 of those things. that's a pretty ambitious list!

just Julie said...

Hey- did you know you can ride in a hot air ballon at the WAP? Granted you don't get cheese and wine and are stuck in there with 20 or so other park but it doesn't seem so out of reach now, does it? :)

just Julie said...

I can't keep stepping on Johanna...someone help me!!!

Tom said...

9 out of 78?? what's with that. I'm curious as to whether you can combine some of these...your 4 and 6 for instance.

Thanh said...

Wow. Amazing list, I really do hope that you can do all of them.