Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sit and Spin

If you've browsed Two Peas lately, you've seen lots of people doing the spin art thing, also known as spin and splash, paint 'N swirl, and as Julie and I call it, sit and spin. It's done using the kids' spin art thing. It's a plastic bowl-shaped item that has a pseudo-turntable in the center of it. You put paper on the spin thing and drop paint on it to make splashy designs. You can purchase this at Michael's for about $15. I bet Toys 'R Us has it, too. This is the card I made. I'll help you out and tell you some of the things I found out while using this new gadget.

I used glossy cardstock and cut it about 4.5" square. I adhered the cardstock to the spinny thing with double-stick tape so the paper didn't fly off when I turned on the machine.

I used alcohol inks.

I sprayed the cardstock with a lot of rubbing alcohol prior to turning the machine on and prior to dropping the inks on the cardstock. Alcohol inks dry fast anyways, but they dry even FASTER since this little machine spins it around in a circle.

The cardstock needs to be pretty slick for the ink to move around on it. Julie found that she got better results using the Ranger blending solution.

Use a lot of ink. One drop won't make a big splash. You gotta use like 20 drops. Oh forget the drops, just squirt the stuff on the paper. Too much though, and you get a solid splash instead of line splashy things and the paper starts getting a little soggy.

When my paper dried out, I added more alcohol from the spray bottle. At this point if I had the blending solution, I'd use that.

Only you will know when you are done. I turned my machine off numerous times during the whole process. When I liked what I saw, I stopped.

When I was finished, I stamped embossing ink over the whole paper and used clear embossing powder and heat set it. This seemed to bring out the colors more. You don't have to do that. Oh yes, you do, you have to do everything I did. Exactly the way I did or it won't work. hahaha not really, but you started to believe me, didn't you?

One thing I did that Iwould recommend: The machine comes with a cheesy splash guard. The alcohol inks will definitely splash out if you don't use it, but here's what I did - I folded a couple of pieces of paper in half and taped them together to make a tube, then I taped the tube to the spin art machine. This made a taller, wider splash guard. If you need picture, make a comment and I will post a picture of what I'm talking about.

That's it. Check out Two Peas in a Bucket and go to the Gallery and then Stamping and you'll see lots of examples. Also, check out the gallery at the Stamp Shack.

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