Monday, October 30, 2006

Hoy es Lunes

Yep, another Monday come and (almost) gone. It was a very productive day. Well, it was at work, anyways. I did a little grocery shopping after work then home to chill. I hate grocery shopping. Seems like such a waste of time. I neeeeeeed to get some projects done and I just can't. My brain just won't think. Can't create. I'm blocked. Anything I try to do is crap. My table sits littered with stamps, inks and paper and there is nothing I can do. Maybe I need some Ginko or something. Tomorrow is Halloween and yes, I have my costume. I stole the idea from a t.v. ad, but then I always steal my idea from somewhere! Stay tuned tomorrow for a picture. Don't get too excited because it's not that spectacular - it's just funny.


justjohanna said...

so, my excuse now, is that the house i grew up in had a HUGE ginko tree in the yard. we called it the ginko stinko tree because it smelled so bad when the fruit fell. but that must be the source of creativity for me - years and years of exposure to the ginko stinko tree.

Debbie said...

make a ginko leaf stamp. :)