Wednesday, October 25, 2006


All I think about these days is art. Everything is art. I can't stop. I should quit thinking about doodling, coloring, inking and paper tearing and keep my mind on the tasks at hand - pipe pressure, hydraulic gradients and parcel maps - but I just can't stop! My right brain wants to play and it is being a pest. It wants to put the left brain in the closet and lock the door. "Stop it, left brain. I don't want you to be out today. Go away." "No, I can't do that. You need me." "Yeah, right. What for?" "Well, if it was only you, right brain, nothing would get done. You'd be altering books, inking paper or embellishing something all day and all night. Nothing productive would happen." "Hey, altering books, inking and embellishing is productive! It's just a different kind of 'productive'." "But it doesn't pay the bills, right brain. You need me for that." "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Okay, you can come out, but only until 5:30 and then back to the closet with you!" So that's what's in my head today.

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justjohanna said...

no wonder you had a migraine!