Sunday, August 27, 2006

Self-Addressed Saturday a Success!

Well, it was the first Self-Addressed Saturday at the Cupboard and it was SO MUCH FUN! We stamped, inked and laughed so hard I think we all peed our pants. Ok, maybe that was TMI, but it's true! Here's who was there: Sue, Chris, Cat, Lora and me. We first ate pizza at Filippi's and then crafted a bit. Then we just had to walk down to the Blue Mug and get some coffee cuz we just weren't goofy enough. We finally wrapped it up around 9. That's 7 hours of non-stop fun, my friends. We missed you, Johanna! Next SAS is the 3rd Saturday in September. I will miss that one because we will be in Jamaica, mon! We got to use some of the new justjohanna stamps. They are so darn cute! Better check Sue's pockets for that little bird with the santa hat holding a Christmas ball. Oh, she liked that a lot. Just kiddin', Sue. Oh, and Sue brought a watermelon, but we didn't eat it because it was made of YARN! She is so silly. I think Lora was into the Christmas spirt as she kept stamping those fab new jj images. Oh, and she made a really cute cupcake stack! Tomorrow is Open House again. Oh, before that, I am going to bury St. Joseph in the back yard. Yes, I got a statue. Hey, it can't hurt, right? Next Thursday is the Caravan for the realtors, so I hope we get a nibble or two after these events. During the open house, I think John and I will go to the San Marcos Summer Street Fair. That's it folks. Da Dow!

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Michelle said...

Wahhhh! I want to play too!