Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mercury in Retrograde

Oh my. I have been organizing my little heart out. I've moved from an 8x10 craft room to a 10x24 room across the hall. I have so much stuff I don't know what to do with it. I am trying so hard to put things in organizers and not have everything sitting out. Oh Oh OH! I almost forgot to tell you.....! I have been looking for flat files to store my rubber stamps, ink pads, etc., and I found some. I posted my desire to own these files on FreeRecycle for my town. A nice lady, Kathy, emailed me and told me she has FOUR of them she would sell me for the amazing price of $20 each!! These are black metal 28" x 34" x 2.5" file cabinets with five drawers each! They are PERFECT for my stamps and stuff. I am still excited to be the new owner of these file cabinets. I am cleaning them up right now because they had been sitting outside under a tree at Kathy's house, and I will probably paint them with a new coat of black paint. I'm thinking of stacking them 2 and 2 and then buying a nice tabletop at Lowe's and make it a crafting table. Won't that be great with all the cabinets within reach? Fantastic. Only thing is that the table will be 36" high. A normal table is 28" high. I guess I will just crank up the swivel chair and see how that works. If it is too high, then I'll just stack the cabinets on the wall in the stamping/crafting area. I'll post pictures as soon as more of the mess is put away.


Tami said... scored big time. Are you telling us that you now have 20 flat drawers for all your goodies like at GeeGee's? I am pea green with envy!

hutch ink designs... said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait to see picture of your space when you are all done!