Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Reading Day

I got a lot of reading done today. I tend to have 2 or 3 books on the reading list at one time. One book is always the book I read when I go to bed each night. If I don't read even one paragraph before I drift off, I feel weird. The second and third books are just "around". Sometimes I take a book to work to read on break, sometimes it just sits downstairs. Today I read two of the books.
I started out reading "The Reagan Diaries". I think Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents we ever had. Too bad he wasn't President today because we wouldn't still be in this damn Iraq debacle. The book is fantastic and very easy reading. Ronald Reagan kept a dairy for every day he was in the White House. Some days he wrote a few sentences, some days he wrote a lot. One thing that I think is the sweetest thing is, whenever Nancy was away, he truly missed her. He wrote about that every time. To paraphrase: "Nancy is of to London for the Royal wedding. She's only been gone 6 minutes and I miss her already. How will I make it 6 days? Lights just aren't as bright and warm when she isn't here. " Is that just the sweetest thing? I read this book for a couple of hours then onto the next book.
I came up to the craft room for a little creative fun. I read, and worked, "The Creative License" . I am reading the book to learn how to let go of my left brain and let my right brain relax and draw. I know it's in me to draw, but I just can't let go of preconceived images. I want/need to learn to draw simply and creatively. This book is fun. I like the way the author speaks to me. I'm actually doing the drawing exercises in the book. I need to tell myself to slow down. Drawing is not a race and just because I make a mistake doesn't mean I am a failure or have to stop drawing altogether. Nope, not gonna share my drawings just yet. I will, though.
So why was I home on a Tuesday? Migraine? Nope. We are having tile installed in both bathrooms and today was the second and final day of installation. Here are a few pics. The first picture is the downstairs bathroom and the second picture is the upstairs bathroom. Hey, no comments on the color of the cabinets - I know they are tacky. That will be remedied very soon.
I think the floors look fantastic. We bought the tile from Lowe's and their installers put the tile in. In all the contractors and handymen I've ever had do work for us in this house, none were as professional, clean, prompt or fastidious as these installers. I will definitely tell the contractor and Lowe's about them. Super job!


Anonymous said...

Another good easy book if you have not read it yet is Ronald Reagan's Love Letters to Nancy. He did love her with every fiber of his body.
I will have to get The Creative License.I think everything must be perfect, if I make a "mistake" I feel defeated.

Tami said...

Those both sounds like must-read books. Thanks for the review. Love your new tile.