Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm exhausted!

I was going to sleep in until 8:30 or so today, but Frankie decided she just had to come in and get something to eat. Crazy cat just meowed at the window until I got up. It was only 7:10 but oh well, I was up and awake so I stayed up. The cable guy was scheduled between 9-11 today to replace our DVR, but he called at 8:15 from the driveway, so we took care of that business early. After that was breakfast and then up to the craft room. I've been up here all day! I've been measuring, cutting, Sizzix-ing and Xyron-ing stuff for my class for Wednesday night. It's the Halloween paper bag book . I've got it all done with each person's supplies in separate bags. This class has been a lot of work, but I know it will be fun. I just love Halloween, don't you? So when I finished that project, I decided I needed to make a few cards to round out the day. Here's what I made: I made these out of ATC's that I either made or traded for. The only one I made is the one with the bird on it. The one that looks really crooked. hahaha The naked lady one is from a nude ATC swap I did a long time ago. The pretty flower ATC is a RAK. Ok, I think I've had enough excitement for the day. Time for bed. I only have to work three days this week since this Friday is my flex day. Then on Saturday we leave for vacation - a whole week in Jamaica! Yeah, Mon!

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