Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coloring Sunday

So, I pretty much colored all day. I made these cards and a necklace: After I finished the necklace, I stamped my stamp on the back and used the heat gun to dry the ink and I messed up the front! I melted the lacquer on the front and when I tried to fix it, I just messed it up even more. So, I'm re-doing the necklace because I really like it. I don't have to re-do the beads, just the domino part. Tomorrow is Labor Day. I have the day off from laboring at work, but I will labor at home. I'm going to start gathering clothes for vacation. I'll start making my lists and packing the suitcases. One more week and we'll be in Jamaica! Can't wait to get some of that Blue Mountain Coffee!

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Anonymous said...

Forget Jamaica... the week AFTER that you get to visit Pennsylvania. That tropical--err....exotic--err...umm... at least I get to see you! -Dana