Friday, November 07, 2008

Coloring Experiment 1

Sorry I've been gone so long.

I started playing with my coloring materials the other day. I was trying to decide which ones I liked best. The answer? It depends.

For this experiment, I stamped the OBP topiary three times for three different coloring techniques. I tried to use very similar colors for the pencils and markers.

Starting on the right, I used only my Prismacolor pencils. I blended pencils with pencils. No gamsol, no colorless blender. This is the way I like to color with pencils. It takes a long time because I go over and over the colors until I get it the way I think it should look.

For the center topiary, I used my Copics. I made sure I had plenty of ink on the paper so I could blend the colors. At one point, I put too much Forest Green on the topiary, so I used my colorless blender to lift that color off and expose the Apple Green underneath.

The topiary on the far left is by far my unfavorite. I used Prisma pencils and gamsol. I really don't use gamsol that much, and maybe that's why I really don't like using it, but I'm trying to give it a go for variety in my coloring. What I didn't like about it most was that I felt that once the color was blended out, I couldn't do anything with it - couldn't lighten it, couldn't add color to it, etc., without saturating the paper with gamsol and making the colors run outside the lines. Plus, using that blending stump makes my teeth itch. It's just weird.

So, it's really a close call between the Copics and the Prismas. It really is faster to color with the Copics and I like that. My projects get done a lot faster, BUT I just don't feel like I get the look of the blending that I want that I get with the Prisma pencils.

Which look do you like and why? Which technique do you use and why?


Godelieve said...

Hi Debbie, I'm a big fan of your coloring with Prisma pencils. If I look at the results here, the right one is my favorite. But I can imagine you don't always have enough time to color with pencils...
Wish I had a tiny bit of your coloring talent :)
Great review!

Ryann said...

I love Copic markers so I'm partial to the middle topiary. Although you do AMAZING things with Prismas and the topiary on the right is just further proof! Great review Debbie!

Kathi said...

I like the Prismacolor one the best. It has a "texturey" look to it. Yep. New word.

Me? I like alcohol markers because it's the fastest and I'm lazy. I also like that it gives a very vibrant look. I actually like adding some pencil shading on top of the markers.

I love your Prismacolor pencil coloring, but I can't do it that way. My wrists and hand start hurting before I'm done.

I don't use Gamsol. I use a Citrus thinner which is less stinky and imho moves the colors more evenly. When I do it, my result tends to look more watercolorish. (another new word).

BTW, this comment:
"using that blending stump makes my teeth itch"
made me giggle.

Pam Speidel said...

Happy Hi Debbie! YOU are the QUEEN of prismacoloring! That's the one I prefer, but I have to say that I really think the copic one is a close second. I haven't bought any copics yet and would like to know if you think I should, and if so, what colors first for a person on a budget?

Tiff said...

You are the master and I bow down to you...heehee! LOVE your application of prismacolors! But, I feel that you really bring out the potential in each medium you use!