Saturday, November 01, 2008


You know how you find some card artist and you just love their layouts? Well, I love Jennifer's layouts, so I decided I needed to copy one.

Here is the link to the card she made and well, here is the card I made. I think mine is a reasonable facsimile, what do you think?

House Mouse image colored with Copics.


Jennifer said...

I think I like your card a WHOLE LOT BETTER! You are the best Ms. Debbie! Absolutely THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS I love your card too! You are right that LO is awesome! GORGEOUS Coloring!

LittleSeaOtter said...

You are amazing. I bet you could color something in a phenomenal way with Crayola crayons or Crayola markers. You are a true colorist!

Kathi said...

As usual, your coloring is perfect.

That stamp is soooo cute. I love the concept of the heat of chili peppers toasting marshmallows!

Jovita said...

Your card turned out wonderful, Jennifer is such an inspiration... I borrow some of her ideas as well :)