Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somethin' new is brewin' at Odd Bird Planet

See that? See that heart there? That heart with the crossbones? Yeah, that! OMG, is it not the cutest thing ever? It's your sneak peek to one of the newest images from Odd Bird Planet for my favorite holiday. If you would like to see more sneaky peeky images, go to the other blogs of the OBP Design Team. Their blog links are over there on the right.
Oh, you want to know when these new images will be released? Here's a clue: Watch the DT blogs around the first of the month. I promise you will see something new.

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Cathrine StClair said...

Hi Debbie! I'm loving all the sneak peaks!

Got your comments on the Copics - and I just wanted to say, you don't have to replace all your Prismas. I found the Copics to be compatible - so you can just add to your collection (insert evil grin here). Check out this post from a year ago - when I was being pulled over to the dark side. I started with Prismas and swore I'd never replace them... well fast forward a year.... But for a while I used both together.


And I agree - Limepeel is a devine color. My favorite pencil.