Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh happy craft supplies day

Oh happy day! I got my Dick Blick order today. I got the oh-so-tempting-sale flyer last week and couldn't resist stocking up on a few things.

As you can see here, I got a crapload of canvas boards. Hey, the smallest ones were only 34 cents each! Here's what I got: six 4x4 panels, four 6x6, four 8x8, six 4x6, two 5x7, four 6x12 and two 8x10 panels. That's 28 fantastic panels to paint on and goof around with. The total? A whopping $13.74. Oh and I got some of those cool white Sharpie pens; two each of the broad and thin tips. And I got 38 replacement Prismacolor pencils and 4 replacement black Verithin pencils. I feel like it's my birthday!

Next step: put some paint on those canvases. Hooray. I'm planning on making some Christmas present with these. I'll post what I can. My sister looks at my blog all the time and I don't know about my nieces or my mom, so I won't be posting their stuff. I will have stuff to post in the next week. You can see my practice stuff. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your traffic.


Kim H. said...

WOWZERS looks like a truck load of awesome goodies! I need to place a Dick Blick's order some time here! Let me know how you like the canvas boards I been thinking about ordering some! Can't wait to see what you so with all your new goodies!

Happy Art Supply Day :)

Tami said...

All that for under $15! Wowza you scored.

david santos said...

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