Monday, February 01, 2010

Some dancing ladies

Well, I'm back. I've been away from papercrafts for awhile because I've been onto another project or two. I've learned to knit and it is all-consuming right now. I love knitting. The projects on my needles right now are 1) sock, 2) handwarmers, 3) a cap and 4) a scarf. What can I say? I like to start projects! I'll be posting my knitting projects once they're done. On to cardmaking... I've had these three images colored for ages. I do that a lot: color images. I store them in the same folder as I store all my uncolored stamped images and when I want or need to make a card, I reach in there and pull out something appropriate. Tonight, I wanted to do something colorful, so I took out these ladies. They are from a special edition kit by Odd Bird Planet. The stamps are kind of like paper dolls. You choose a head then a skirt, then some boots. It's really fun. I colored these images with my Copic pens. Please don't ask me what colors I used. :) The yellow area was stamped using a big background stamp by Odd Bird Planet. I used a sketch drawn by Kerry. Once you look at her awesome cards, scroll down to the bottom of her blog and see her sketchpad. There are some very cool sketches in there. Just what you need for a little inspiration! That's what I do when I can't make a card - I get a sketch! Well, thanks for stopping by today. I'll have another post tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and the day after that for quite awhile. I've been busy. See you tomorrow!

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Godelieve said...

Good idea, coloring images in advance!! You know I'm a fan of your coloring!
Fab card!