Friday, October 23, 2009

And now it involves knitting!

I have been so out of the crafting loop lately, it's not funny. Since I had surgery in June, I haven't crafted much. Have had no desire. That's bad because I have so much crap, er craft supplies, that I can't afford to let them sit. For long. Since I've been back to work (end of Aug.) I've been taking knitting lessons from a coworker, Cindy. She's awesome. Very patient and supportive. No, I didn't start out with a scarf. My first project was a vest made from Noro yarn (from Japan) and at $20 a skein, not a cheap first project. More pics on that in a little while. I have completed all but the one front panel of the vest. I've also completed two scarves. This first pic is me sitting outside on the not-so-warm concrete bench outside at work. I'm working on a beanie for Tony. This is my first project using five needles. It really is a pain to use that many needles, but I do like that the beanie will have no seams. The pattern is very simple using a seed stitch, K1, P1 over and over and over for 10"! I'm up to about 6" now, so not long before I can change stitch patterns and start decreasing for the top of the beanie. I'm thinking of making some knitted "dreads" for the top of the beanie. That might be cute, but maybe Tony doesn't want cute. This is Cindy. She's got some homespun yarn here and she is winding it into a ball so she can knit with it. She got a very cool scarf pattern and it calls for bulky yarn, and boy howdy, this is bulky. It's some kind of wool with alpaca mixed in. Turns out after she knit a bit, this yarn is too bulky and hard to really tell what the pattern is, so she opted for another homespun yarn for the body of the scarf and will probably use this for the fringe. Pics later. So that's what I've been up to these past weeks to a month. Knitting. Oh, I do have a card to post, but will post it a bit later today. Just wanted to get the blog moving again. Thanks for stopping by today!


Jennifer said...

First, you look mahhhhhhhvelous! Second, I want to learn to knit. I can do many, many types of needle/fiber arts but for some reason knitting isn't one of them. Please post the beanie when you finish. How great to add yet another craft to your already many talents.

Claudette said...

Hope your feeling better and I understand when one has so much invested in a craft you just can't let it sit.
However, its great to learn another craft for those down periods we all go through at times. Hope to see your posted cards soon again.

Tami B. said...

Love that you're knitting outside. Very cool. I love the way the beanie looks.