Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I can't make a card!

I can't make a card. I've tried and tried, but it seems that my muse has gone on vacation. I've gotten out books, magazines, surfed the internet and blogs and I just can't seem to get my layouts together. Anything I try to do comes out looking like, well, you know. You've probably been there. I'm hoping the truth in this sentiment comes true soon or I may be in some card making trouble!

So I took a break from forcing myself to create something and just relaxed and did some coloring. I got this stamp at a sidewalk sale at the Stamp Addict last weekend. I was going to try and color it with my Prisma markers, but decided that, too, would've been a bit stressful since I'm not all that good with the markers yet. I got out my favorite medium, my Prismacolor pencils. They never let me down. I just relaxed and let the colors go where they wanted. I'm not all that excited about that Limepeel colored sentiment banner, but I guess it works ok. Of course the sun had to be yellows and oranges, but purple stars?? Um, ok.

It took me about 2 hours to color this A2-sized image. It was relaxing and I didn't even try to make it into a card. I guess I'll put it in my stamped and colored images file for later when I'm more in the card making groove.

Do you have one of those files? I used to put all my stamped images and colored images in a ziplock baggie, but now I put them in a file box. One of those photo boxes. I saw Stacy (from Stamp-Shack) do that and it was a great idea so I copied her. Thanks, Stacy!

So thanks for looking at my non-card today. I thought I'd better post something so you didn't think I disappeared off the face of the earth.


Kim H. said...

Debbie this is gorgeous! I also have a pile of colored images to make into a card at a later date! It is fun!

Jennifer E. said...

Fabulous coloring as always, Debbie! Hope you find your MoJo soon. Have you tried doing a sketch challenge to get you back in the mood? That always works for me, especially if I already have some colored images to choose from, then I just follow the sketch!

Kathi said...

Oh my. That's just stunningly gorgeous.

And I like the purple stars. And it wouldn't be you without something "lime peel".

~liz said...

Why don't you use the stamped image for a sketch idea too? That could be cool or parts thereof. Maybe that will get your mojo back

Tami Bayer said...

Amazing coloring as always. My muse is a finicky one, coming and going at will. I've learned not to fight it and just go with it. I sometimes go weeks not creating and then I go on a binge. I still use a baggie for my images in process :)