Sunday, September 21, 2008

Garden Party challenge card

I love participating in Cathrine's garden party challenge each week. It makes me think of how I feel about the weekly picture and how to make it into a card of my own. HERE is the post for the challenge and there is my card over there on the left. When I saw the challenge photo, I saw the sunflowers right away, but then there was that bit of red in the picture, too. I used the flora ginormous from Odd Bird Planet for my sunflowers. This flower can be made into so many different things, but I see it as a sunflower for some reason. I stamped the bottom flower first and then cut out a mask and covered it. Next I stamped the one just above it on the left. I cut out another mask and masked the second image, too. While both images were covered with masks, I stamped the third image. Then I started coloring with my Prisma pencils. One guess what color I started with. You're right - Limepeel! I put down a base of limepeel, then colored with the other colors. Here is my color list. For the leaves:
  • Limepeel
  • Olive green
  • Dark green
  • Burnt Ochre

For the flower petals:

  • Jasmine
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Goldenrod
  • Burnt Ochre
  • White

For the flower centers:

  • Light Umber
  • Dark Umber

I've heard some people choose their colors ahead of time and then color. I choose mine as I go along. When I was coloring the petals, I decided they needed a little "oomph" to the darker areas and it needed to be a little red in color since one of the other colors in the inspiration photo was red, so that's why I chose the burnt ochre. I also added a teensy bit of the burnt ochre to the leaves because, well, real leaves aren't totally green. They turn brown a bit on the edges. I didn't use brown because brown kind of muddies up the green and that bit of red in the burnt ochre is just right. I find these things out by trial and error. Nothing fancy about it.

So that's it. My garden party entry for the week. Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer said...

This is one of my favorite Justjohanna stamps. I love how you've used it, and of course your coloring is the best!

Kathi said...

This is gorgeous. Just beautiful.

Have you ever submitted any of your stuff to Prismacolor? I bet they'd love to see it!

Beth Norman said...

Awesome card. Your colours are lovely.