Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Deal for May

Here it is! The Special Deal for May. How fun are these stamps?? Check out these cards to see how versatile the stamps can be. What can you come up with with these images? How about using the heart stamp as wings for your critters? It can be a butterfly or a fancy border around your card. The perch can be a snowglobe - imagine your images inside with glitter as the snow. Cute!! How about it being a fishbowl? You could use the clear lacquer for the water. It can be a space ship flying by with your critters inside or draw some legs on it and it can be a landing spaceship. Oh, the possiblities! You get a heck of a deal, too. The regular price for these three stamps is $24, but you get 25% off and pay only $18! Yowza! Here's how you get it: Click HERE to get yours now. Hurry, you won't want to miss out!

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