Friday, May 09, 2008


OK, I promised blog candy and here it is! Click to see it bigger and to see all the loot you're gonna get. Since I LOVE Halloween, I thought I'd make this a Halloween treat. You get:
  • Six pieces of Halloween paper. Some sheets are two-sided.
  • Two justjohanna stamps
  • A nice bundle of ribbons and rick-rack
  • Big buttons
  • Brads
  • Paper clips
  • Four pieces of assorted Stampbord
  • A "Happy Halloween" sign

Ok, so I know what you're thinking: "What do I have to do to get this fantastic prize? I'll tell you. You have to answer a quiz and be the winner. This quiz will test your knowledge of the justjohanna stamp line. You should leave a response to this post with your answers. If you want your answers confidential, then leave a message on this post and then EMAIL ME your answers. Ok, so enough blabbering. You may not know the answers right off, so you can use the justjohanna forum, the justjohanna blog , or the online catalog as resources. You can also ask someone. Anyone. ANYone. OK, let's get on with it!!

  1. What year did justjohanna rubber stamps make its debut?
  2. How many stamps are currently in the catalog? The closest guesser gets this one.
  3. Before the current bestselling stamp in the catalog, flora hugabundus was the #1 bestseller. What is the #1 best selling stamp right now?
  4. How many people are on the justjohanna design team?
  5. On the justjohanna forum, in what category would you find a post entitled, "I grabbed Mabel..."?
  6. I bet you didn't know that many of the rubber stamp critters are named after people Johanna knows. For whom was Candace the bird named?

Ok, on to the bonus question.

I love math. All kinds of math except geometry, so this question is all about using math. Don't worry, you won't need a slide rule or a protractor (no geometry!), maybe just a calculator. You will have to go to the catalog to get the answer to this question. You will need to get the catalog numbers for each of these items in the equation and then do the math to get the final answer. Let's go!

Bonus Question:

three trees - harley left -c'est la vie + (yum x2) -strawberry coach + haunted tree = ___D.

Everyone who gets the bonus question correct will get something fun from me.

DEADLINE: Friday, May 16th at 9pm PST. I will determine the winner by the most correct answers and announce the winner here on my blog. I'll also announce all winners of the bonus question. Tell a friend - the more the merrier!


Beth Norman said...

As a DT member I'm ashamed I don't know the answers. Looks like you stumped us all.

miss jennifer said...

i think it would be unfair for me to answer those huh?? : )

Noel said...

This is really a fun quiz!!

Deb Neerman said...

Umm ... 8?

LOL, just stumbled in and saw this and even though I'm late (story of my life), I thought I'd solve the math riddle for everyone. LOLOL!

Great blog! Now I'm off to 'xplore!

Anonymous said...

merci pour ce jeu
super ce jeu
j adore
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