Saturday, September 01, 2007

Look Ma, it's a Koala!

Here is another image I got from Thanh. Isn't he just the cutest koala??

I'm not altogether satisfied with the colors of the koala. In this scan, it doesn't show the pink highlights in his ears chin, eyes or nose. That really adds to the variety of color and gives the picture a bit of depth. The koala's face should be darker in certain areas, but I struggled with the gray colors. I don't color many things with gray because I do find it difficult. First to choose either cool grays, warm grays or french grays. French gray has a lot of brown in it and warm gray has a lot of blue in it.

That's it for the koala. Simple mounting on Prism cardstock. I really do need to work on finishing my cards better. I'm just not very good with embellishments.

Next image: Wolf. Ugh, more grays!!


pescbrico said...

I find that your coloring is awesome and the way you finish you card make the attention focus on the picture wich is great!
Thanks for sharing!

Kim- hutchink :) said...

Gorgeous! Love it- he looks like you could just pet him!

Tami said...

Grey is tough for me. You did a beautiful job on this one. Love the one below, too. Your coloring is so amazing.

Thanh said...

Grey is a tough colour to work with, I completely agree with Tami.

But you still did an amazing job on both images Debbie! Im so glad I sent these to you... now only if I could learn to colour, dangit!