Monday, July 17, 2006

Burning Man

When is it going to cool off? I'm getting tired of air conditioning! When I went to the doctor today it was about 90 outside, but I left my windows and sunroof open because I just couldn't stand to sit in the a/c any longer. It felt wonderful! So, ok, I went to the doctor's today. My thyroid function is whacked out. No wonder I feel like *&%$! My meds were increased so maybe I'll feel better soon. Elmer came again today and worked on fixing up the floors. He's done a fantastic job on the entryway and the downstairs bath so far. He's also put in baseboards and they look terrific! He is a super duper handyman! One more bathroom floor and then the kitchen floor and we're ready to put it on the market. I have this list. An ongoing list. It's about all the things I want to do before I die. No, I'm not sharing the whole list with you, but I will share this one thing. I would love to go to Burning Man at least once before I die. Check out the Burning Man website: What is it, you ask? Well, II'd call it a huge art project. People dress up, they create moving art, statues and whatever they consider art and they all gather in the Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno. It's always Labor Day weekend. They burn the man on Saturday. Intrigued? Check out the webpage and make sure you look at some of the pictures. They are awesome! I've been invited to go this year, but it's too close to our already-planned vacation. Next year I will go for sure! You game?


Spencer said...

one of the best pics i have seen of burning man.

Anonymous said...
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